Track, Manage, and Resolve all Tax and Compliance Notices with the SaaS Solution Built to Master Them All

Automate notice entry and ensure distribution to the proper departments

Use our proprietary Best of Practice workflows or customize your own

Allows tracking & oversight of all documents, including POA’s

Features an intuitive & responsive tabbed UI that is easy to learn and simple to use

Build out a centralized company knowledge base of information for all users to share

Tax Notice Tracking

Streamline, standardize, and automate your processes to quickly and efficiently track, manage, and resolve notices.

Reduce time spent on notices by 30-50%

Reduce number of notices received

Minimize penalties and interest

Compliance Reporting

NOTICENINJA graphs, dashboards, and management reports provide real-time data and actionable insights.

Graphs provide at-a-glance views of critical metrics

Management reports allow users to dig deeper into the data

Manage notices by priority, amounts, due dates and more

Agency Knowledgebase

Centralize staff knowledge, such as key contacts, addresses, links, notes and more. Create a working knowledgebase of agency information to be shared by all users in the organization.

Agency addresses, contacts and notes

Links to agency resources

Preferred contacts with notes and ratings

Many More Features

Spreadsheets, CRM’s, and manual processes are simply not effective tools for notice compliance professionals. With NOTICENINJA, you’ll reduce the time spent on data entry and notice tracking while minimize the risk of P&I.

Manage POAs and other tax documents

Amended Returns process workflow

Keep track of Missing IDs and many more

We integrate with Zendesk, MS Office and other industry leaders…

NOTICENINJA a Digital Notice Compliance Platform designed with advanced technologies and Best of Practice workflows that digitize and automate notice resolution. Management has extensive reporting that provides valuable and actionable insight that saves time, money, and reputation.

Digital document management and storage

Comprehensive Notice Management tool

Communication platform integration

Automated – Quicker, easier researching and documenting

Analytical Reporting and Management dashboards.

Engineered and inspired by managing over 4 million tax notices from 32 countries, 50 US states, 32,000 locals, and 10,000 cities and growing.
Endless Integrations

Connect with lots of applications including accounting, CRM, , and scheduling tools to cut down on manual tasks.

DIY Automation

Build unique workflows in minutes with simple do-it-yourself tools or take advantage of our Best of Practice generated workflows.

Real-Time Workflows

Trigger workflows from NOTICENINJA to your other apps or vice versa, so you can keep contacts connected, input client data, or send emails automatically.

Automate Your Processes

Form auto-population, IRS call guides with wait times, agency call scheduling, IRS letter templates and more.

Automate Notice Management and Compliance.

Markets served include corporations, service providers, CPA’s, compliance firms, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Sales & Use, Insurance and growing.

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