NoticeNinja CRM for Tax Notice Compliance

NOTICENINJA CRM for Tax Notice Compliance


NoticeNinja CRM for Tax Notice Compliance


Frustration or Finesse? How would you describe your corporate tax notice management process? If you are like most large companies these days, when it comes to managing tax notice compliance, words like chaotic, frustration and other choice ones immediately come to mind. Companies are struggling with the specific compliance challenges they are facing in today’s COVID economy. 

Times are changing fast—tax laws are much more complicated and thus demanding a much higher level of effort to keep up than ever before. These growing demands and logistical challenges are requiring companies to be creative, and in some cases reinvent themselves including corporate tax departments not just to stay competitive for new business, but to keep the lights on. 

About two years ago we set out on a mission to disrupt the relationship that corporate tax professionals traditionally have with thier notice compliance management process and develop a solution that they could truly use. One that could help with current issues they are facing today and ultimately provide them with a smooth, quick, automated process for resolving tax notices-every time. The result was, NoticeNinja. 

Specifically, NoticeNinja was created to help corporate tax teams: 

  • Ensure Compliance: Whether you are  managing your clients’ notices or your own, NoticeNinja helps you resolve all tax compliance notices quickly and efficiently. You’ll never have to worry about a missed notice, penalty, or interest payment again. 
  • Save Money & Preserve Your Companies’ Reputation: Get rid of costly errors that result in thousands of dollars in P&I and damage to your reputation. Minimize penalties, interest, and future liabilities while streamlining research, abatement requests, and other notice-related tasks. 
  • Save Time & Increase Productivity: Eliminate the repetitive tracking tasks that suck up hours of time for you or your team every quarter. You’ll also benefit from a central repository to handle communications, resources, documents, agency information, and so much more. 
  • Standardize Your Processes: Track, report, and find trends in the data to refine your processes further. With automation, integrations, and real-time workflows, NoticeNinja will simplify your tax and compliance notice systems and maximize your efficiency. 


 Engineered by experts in the HCM and tax compliance industries using knowledge gained from managing over 4 million tax notices from 15 countries, all US states and 1230,00 cities and counting, NoticeNinja was built to address large companies ever evolving needs and provide the visibility and insight required to be successful and stay compliantWe took what we are great at and improved on it to create a solution specifically built for corporate tax professional and the challenges they are facing today. 

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